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Through My Eyes

Nineteen-year-old Scarlett Stone possesses psychic abilities that grow stronger every day. Her powers to see the future and the past make her a target for a secretive organization, determined to keep her out of the way. Accused of a heinous crime, Scarlett must prove her innocence. But the situation takes an unexpected turn and Scarlett questions her own sanity. With the help of a childhood friend, a detective, and her own supernatural gifts, Scarlett must outwit the organization and uncover the truth before it’s too late. 

Follow Scarlett‘s thrilling journey as her psychic abilities become stronger, bringing her to the attention of a mysterious organization that wants to keep her from discovering the truth. This is book two in the series ‘A Scarlett Stone Adventure’.

A Word From The Author

Hello and welcome to the world of writing!

I’m Paula J. Slaughter and I’ve written two fascinating fiction novels. The latest is the one you see above. The “Books” section on the navigation bar contains both novels. I’m obsessed with telling stories that delve into the depths of the human experience and the power of imagination. My work takes readers on a journey of discovery, transporting them to new places and introducing them to characters both strange and familiar. Come along with me on this adventure!

Paula J. Slaughter
Entrepreneur & Writer

Complete Series

A Scarlett Stone Adventure

Scarlett Stone longs to live a normal life, but her extraordinary ability to see into the future and the past prevents her from doing so. Caught between her family’s long-buried secrets and an unsavory secret organization, she must determine what is true and what is not. Follow Scarlett on her thrilling journey as her psychic abilities grow stronger, attracting the attention of a mysterious organization determined to keep her from discovering the truth.

What Readers Are Saying

What do people have to say about Scarlett Stone’s adventures?

Amazon Customer

Review on Book 1

It’s a great book!!! I Could not put it down many trist and turns!!

Bernard Mitchell

Review on Book 1

This book is one that is easy to pick up and hard to put down! Great gift idea for those who enjoy a great story with twists!

Bill Reicht

Review on Book 1

Scarlett’s adventure continues, and I couldn’t wait to jump into Book 2 after finishing the first. The other reviews mention twists and turns and that’s the best way to describe it. Please say another book is coming?!

Kimiko Anderson

Review on Book 1

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