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String Walker

Ignoring her daughter’s magical power was never the answer. But it’s a lesson 16-year-old Scarlett Stone’s mother learns a little too late. When she realizes it can’t go on like this, she tells Scar the truth- that she’s a String Walker, someone who can walk between universes and is gifted with the ability to see the unknown.

It sounds like a blessing, but to Scar, it’s a curse. She’s seen the normal life her brother and sister, both powerless, live in comparison to the one that awaits her, in and out of institutions, just like her mother.

Scar is dubbed a witch at school. When she goes into a trance, her classmates point fingers and laugh.  But she appears to have a chance at normalcy when she meets Rick in her junior year at Glory High School, and they become more than friends.

But will it last? Or, will something even more frightening stop her, disrupting everything? Find out in String Walker, a harrowing mystery/sci-fi novel that’s unforgettable. 

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Hi, I’m Paula.
I’m an author, a dreamer, and a devoted motivator. I can see the silver lining in just about everything and everyone. I give a little too much of myself at times. I’m sure you know people like that, or maybe you are one yourself. If so, hello. But if you aren’t, don’t change; instead, stay true to yourself. Life is a journey, and wonderful things happen from time to time, but sometimes they don’t. The goal is to keep your hope alive. Every day is a second chance. Learn more.
Paula J. Slaughter

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